Achorn Acres Farm

Horse Training and Riding Instruction

Mr Hot Spot

Spot is a 14 year old paint gelding.  He goes english, western and drives.  He loves to jump and trail ride and is up for pretty much any event that you are interested in doing.  He can be challenging at times because he does test his riders.  He is a great lesson horse for this reason, he makes sure that his riders are riding and not just trotting in cirlcles.  He is one of the favorites at the barn because of his great personality and intelligence. 





Sneakers is a 6 year old mini gelding.  He is broke to drive.  He also enjoy trail in hand, showmanship and jumping in hand.  Sneakers is used to teach students about grooming and leading.  He is also used for driving lessons.  Sneaker is offer for sale for $4,000 or for on farm lease for $150/month which include 1 lesson/week and 2 practice sessions/week.








Cisco is an 12 year old Paint Gelding.  He loves barrel racing, trail riding and swimming!  Cisco is Julie's competition horse but is also used in intermediate walk trot lessons.  He is loved by all because of his lovable personality.



Zippo is the newest member of the farm.  He is owned by Peter, and may end up being used in camp or lessons.  He loves playing halter tag with Cisco and will be  spend his time with Peter just being awesome. 



Mama Bear





Rocket Man